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Unisys MCP Algol Compiler Error Remediation Updated 06-04-2020

The following zip file has container files with recompiled versions of all of the dbaTOOLS host programs.  It has container files for Version 59.1 and 60.0 AccessLog, Analyzer and Monitor host programs.  The readme file included in the zip file contains a list of all the files and instructions for installing them.

New zip file loaded 06/05/2020 because the ANAL591005.CON contained wrong host object.


Click here to download the Algol Fix zip file.



Fixes are updates to individual products to resolve minor problems.





Patches contain all of the dbaTOOLS products with the latest versions of both Client and MCP software for each product.  All patches are cumulative, you only need to install the latest patch.


All of the latest patches require .Net Framework Version 4.5 or higher which can be downloaded from Microsoft.


Version 59.1 Patch 59.1.6

Version 60.0 Patch 60.0.3


Version 59.1 Full Download (Base Release)

Version 60.0 Full Download (Base Release)




Update Notification

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Warnings (4)


(1)  The full install of dbaTOOLS Version 59.1 part number 8896 8078 included with the Unisys release will not install if dbaTOOLS Version 17.0 is installed on the PC.  A fixed version part number 8896 8078-001 can now be ordered from Unisys.  Also the downloaded full install downloaded before May 10, 2017 will not install correctly.  The full download install available June 19, 2017 fixes the problem.  A work around is to uninstall dbaTOOLS Version 17.0 before installing dbaTOOLS Version 59.1 on a PC.


(2)  Warning - Analyzer should not be run during REORGANIZATION!


(3)  XL (Extra Large) databases require the latests MCP software patch 59.1.2 or higher to gather Loading, Levels, Segment and population data for structures with a structure number greater than 4095.


(4)  Structure Level Encryption (SLE) is currently not supported.  If you have SLE structures in you database you will need to exclude them or dbaTOOLS will fail. (See Help file MCP Parameters on how to exclude structures.



Latest Updates to dbaTOOLS Versions


Last Updates posted:   Wednesday July 8, 2020.


Version 60.0

Patch 60.0.3 is available for dbaTOOLS  60.0


Version 59.1

Patch 59.1.6 is available for dbaTOOLS  59.1


Support for Version 17.0 ended April 30, 2020


Support for Version 16.0 ended October 31, 2017



Technical Support


dbaTOOLS is supported by both Stewart DataTech and Unisys Corporation.  If you have purchased the product from Stewart DataTech please contact us for support.  If you have purchased your product from Unisys Corporation please use your normal Unisys support channels or you can contact Stewart DataTech.


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