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The empty AnalyzerDB's included with the Version 62.0 download in the AnalyzerDB directory are defective and should not be used.  If you need an empty AnalyzerDB you can download the 62 AnalyzerDB Fix.exe file which is a self-extracting zip file using this link.


62 AnalyzerDB.exe




Patches contain all of the dbaTOOLS products with the latest versions of both Client and MCP software for each product.  All patches are cumulative, you only need to install the latest patch.


All of the latest patches require .Net Framework Version 4.8 or higher which can be downloaded from Microsoft.


Version 60.0 Patch 60.0.7

Version 62.0 Patch 62.0.5


Version 60.0 Full Download (Base Release)

Version 62.0 Full Download (Base Release)




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Warnings (1)


(1)  Warning - Analyzer should not be run during REORGANIZATION!



Latest Updates to dbaTOOLS Versions


Last Updates posted:   Saturday July 23, 2022.


Version 60.0

Patch 60.0.7 is available for dbaTOOLS  60.0


Version 62.0

Patch 62.0.5 is available for dbaTOOLS  62.0


Support for Version 59.1 ended April 30, 2022



Technical Support


dbaTOOLS is supported by both Stewart DataTech and Unisys Corporation.  You can use your Unisys support channels or you can contact Stewart DataTech.


Send email to Support.